Our solutions in steel drums.
With over 50 years of experience in the steel packaging market, Rheem Chilena offers different solutions to meet the customer’s needs:

>55 gallons - open head and tight head cylindrical steel drums, used by companies in different fields, from the distribution of fuels and lube oils, vegetable oils and chemicals, as well as hazardous goods or pharmaceuticals grade products.

> 60 gallons - open head cylindrical steel drums, preferred by agribusinesses for packaging concentrated juices of fruits and vegetables. We have created the open head drums with small mouth, or Neck In, to help exports, allowing the transport of 80 drums inside a standard container ISO of 20 feet.

> 30 and 34 gallons - open head cylindrical steel drums, were created especially for the mining sector, helping to transport and export minerals with a high value added and specific weight.

> 58 and 60 gallons - open head conical steel drums, to replace the cylindrical drums in agribusiness, Rheem has developed a thinner drum, easy to store in a small space and a much lower floor space cost for unit and saving cost of transportation. The conical drums have become important logistics savings cost for agribusiness market, specially for distributors of pulps of fruits and vegetables

> 55 and 60 gallons - open head and tight head cylindrical knocked down drums meet the needs of the companies with little storage space and at the same time saving cost of freight. This drums are sent as a kit to the costumer’s facilities and then assembled in a simple 4 or 5 steps process on machines supplied by Rheem, achieving the storage of more than 7,000 containers in 300 m2 (including space for the equipment).

> 16 gallons – open head and tight head cylindrical steel drums are containers for customers who need less packaging capacity. Particularly preferred by the chemical industry, among others.

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