Save cost on transport and storage containers with Rheem

Rheem has special products to optimize the cost of transport and save storage space for empty containers. Among those:

> Open Head conical steel drums increase the efficiency of transport and storage space, thanks to its conical shape. The design of these drums allow nesting drums inside each other, thus increasing the transport capacity between 6 to 8 times, and the storage capacity between 10 to 12 times, compared with cylindrical steel drums.

> Open Head and Tight Head cylindrical Knocked Down Drums are suitable for companies that need to store a large amount of cylindrical drums in a small space, improving the opportunity in the reception of their packaging plus optimizing logistics costs.
The added value of this solution consists in sending a large number of drums per container, painted and decorated as a kit of parts. Rheem installs assembly machines in the customer's warehouse, so that each company could assemble packages as it need, minimizing storage space and ensuring a permanent stock.
The cylindrical Knocked Down Drums increase 6 to 8 times the capacity of transport and increases from 10 to 15 times the capacity of storage compared to traditional cylindrical drums.

> The plastic conical pails, for their innovative designs allow efficient logistics. In little space you could transport and store a large volume of packaging.

> The foldable plastic crates, offers the customer improvement in transport and storage conditions. By their design they could be transported in large volumes, both empty and with fruit for export. Their effectiveness has achieved an important saving cost for our customers.


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