Rheem Chilena is a company that meets the needs of industrial packaging since 1959. Its operations are both domestic and international, with sustained growth based on the company's leadership, the commitment of its employees and continuous improvement of its processes.

We promote the creativity and the professionalism of our staff, relying on advanced technology, to keep us constantly in our market and expand into new business.

Our Headquarter is located in Chile, Camino a Melipilla # 10,340, Comuna de MaipĂș, Santiago, with a total area of approximately 47,000 m2, where production facilities represent 60% or so.

Business Units

Rheem has two main business units: steel drums and plastic pails. Both units are equipped with advanced technology and a highly skilled team committed to the objectives of the company.

Industries Served

Rheem meets the needs of different sectors such as agribusiness, mining, production of paints, lube oils, food packaging, chemicals, among others.



Rheem Chile